Welcome to Riverside CA Carpet Cleaning, your home for quality carpet, upholstery, tile cleaning and more. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to all manner of cleaning solutions for your home, and deliver you services that you can depend on to be quick, accessible and affordable. No matter the surface, or surface area that you need attention brought to, we are here for you.

About Us
Riverside CA Carpet Cleaning has been the quality provider of cleaning solutions of all types for the Riverside area for many years, and have established a reputation of careful and thorough services for your home or business. Whether you need your carpets cared for, or your window dressings treated, you can be sure that we have the skills and abilities to bring you the results you’re looking for. We have always endeavored to bring you more than you bargain for when it comes to your home solutions, and continue to bring you more than your average carpet cleaning service.


​Each of the services that we bring to your residential or commercial property are ones that we have been offering to the Riverside area for many years, and when you find yourself in need of services that bring you a balance of experience and expertise, then choosing the professionals at Riverside CA Carpet Cleaning is the best first step. We are dedicated to bringing you the right services exactly when you need them, which means that when you take the time to call into our offices, you have the means to acquiring our services quickly, and getting your needs seen to.



Our carpet cleaning service is the offering in which we built our company, the first offering that we brought to the city, and the one in which we have the most experience, you can be sure that when you make the call to our offices for service, that you are getting the attention of experts that have been working on this specific service for many years, bringing an unparalleled level of expertise in the subject.


​We have been bringing our high-quality services to homes and businesses across Riverside for many years, and when you need the right attention of professionals brought to your business, you can be sure that we have the means to provide you with an environment that you can rely on to make the right first impression for anyone who finds themselves on your property. We work closely with you to ensure you get the results you need.

“I have relied on Riverside CA Carpet Cleaning for my office cleaning for a few years now, and have never had a day coming in where my carpets don’t look amazing. They are reliable, dedicated, and always perform to my level of expectation in all that they do.” – Carl G


When you need more than just great carpet cleaning, you can always depend on the pros at Riverside CA Carpet Cleaning. Since the introduction of our tile and grout cleaning service, we have been expanding on our reputation of quality as we bring you a result that keeps all of your flooring looking great in your home. No matter the material under foot, you can be sure that we have the right care and attention to bring you the best. 


We love our pets, that’s no secret, but it also isn’t a secret that they have the ability to ruin almost any fabric they touch, and this remains true for your carpets. When you find yourself with carpets that look aged, and emit odors thanks to your pets, you can be sure that we have the means to bring you the proper cleaning, and deodorization to turn back the hands of time.

“As the owner of three dogs, I know what it’s like to have carpeting suffer the consequences of ownership. Each time it gets a little beyond my control, I call in the pros at Riverside CA Carpet Cleaning. They have always been accommodating, and the results are transformative” – Francesca J.


Bringing our attention off the floor and looking up to your furniture, we have been bringing quality cleaning to all your upholstered surfaces for a few years now, and since bringing this option to the homes of Riverside, have seen the request of these options grow. When you need a service that puts the right care and attention into any surface in your home that you require, you can always depend on Riverside CA Carpet Cleaning for results.


​Area rugs are a great way to add a change of design and style to your home, and yet still require the same level of care and attention that is brought to your carpets. When you find yourself in need of professional care for your area rugs to extend their life and attractiveness in your home, you can depend on Riverside CA Carpet Cleaning to provide you with reliable services.

“I’ve always hated cleaning my tile floors. Though completely changing them out for another flooring option would be very costly. I choose rather to call in the pros at Riverside CA Carpet Cleaning. They always provide the best results, and their offerings are really affordable, which is a better choice for me.” – Jillian W.



Getting a hold of the professionals, you need for services inside your home should be an easy process, or at least that’s what we think, which is why we bring you a means that is simple, and easy. Picking up the phone and calling into our offices will get you on the line with an experienced professional quickly, who can bring you the answers you need, set the appointments you require, and get you the services you desire for your Riverside home quickly, and getting the process that brings you clean carpets on the move in no time. Also, check out our friends over at Carpet Cleaning of Marin.